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Kai Shiori 「介一汐璃」

[ 000. PROFILE ]

History/Background ( include abilities, as well as flaws & weaknesses );

It's not a history many can forget, because all small towns have a tale like this. That happy little family, hit by an unfortunate accident. The lone mother, struggling to raise her kids, dying before they can even settle themselves into the world.

That wasn't her story though. She laughed when she heard it, even as she was growing up, enjoying the spoiled life she was given. Gramps, now, he was a mess. Never liked momma's choice in who she had her babies with (and the old man had to complain, she thought. They were in the lap of LUXURY. He still had complaints?) but she didn't care. There was big sis, and there was her. Everything was hunky-dory.

Then those men in black ties and blue suits came, and demanded daddy pay things. To give them the eyes as he'd promised. Gramps looked really smug back then, didn't he? She never forgot that face, and she laughed again when she saw it again. Daddy was stupid really, he just had no idea. He always thought gramps was awesome, and really, she'd think him awesome too, six feet under. Too bad daddy never saw how gramps smiled when they blew his head out.

Sis wasn't happy either. Her mother, the poor lady. So pretty and young, but really smart. She almost made it out with both her girls. She did too, for a while. They escaped the men, but Shiori couldn't get them out of her mind. Poor nice daddy, she'd thought at the time. He was a dumbass, but really nice. He didn't deserve to have his brains blown out. Plus, there was their nice house! It sucked that gramps had it all to himself now, what was the old bastard thinking?

So she was ten. Good enough time to be grown up, she thought, and she got out there. Found her way to gramps (HER) own place, never really understood why mom ran instead of taking revenge like in the movies and all... but it was all good. 'cause Gramps was an old fart anyway, how long would he have to live?

Besides, she'd seen this in a movie once. Stab stab stab. It was kinda harder this time around, they made it look so easy in the movies! But soon enough, the guy was dead, and she thought, hey. My house again.

The men in blue suits and black tie were there though. And they saw everything. Bad as gramps, bad as themselves. Little ten year old and big men with deep voices. Who was the winner here, she wondered?

Then one of them stepped forward, and whispered something in her ear. "Good work" he said, "You did it."

And that was really that. Because then she couldn't see anymore. Bastard stuck something in her eyes and damn that'd hurt! It wasn't fun and she yelled that at them. How the hell was she supposed to find her way back?

But she heard their laughter. They told her she was home. She was the only one who came back, after all.

And then, she was hugged in the warmest hug she'd ever had. It was like mommy, hugging her again.

When she opened her eyes, she could see everything. How much they cared, and how much they knew. How much they hated, how much they feared.

And that was the last time that she ever cried.

She now had the eyes. She could see forever, and she would see for them.

Just like daddy did, because daddy died protecting these eyes.

It wasn't until years later, that she'd decide she was bored of being their eyes, and would run away to seek an adventure... and run she did. Fun times, she wanted those to be hers.

About "The Eyes";

Simply put, the Serpent Daggers are a clan that have had links with Shiori's paternal family, which is a family of medical healers. Each female child born into the family has 'the eyes', which are actually interscoping weaponry of sorts. The qualities their 'eyes' possess include dreamseeing, hypnosis, aura-seeing and if amplified, a sort of x-ray vision. They're used mostly to help the wounded and to calm people, and in the old days, the females acted as mental healers. Despite having the traits, they cannot read minds, and on full power level, they can actually drive a person mad by making them relive nightmares over and over under strong hypnosis. This comes with a risk, if the girls with "The Eyes" take lives, they lose a year off their own lives.

Because of Shiori and her sister being twins, Shiori cannot be at full power without her sister being with her. She pretends however, that she is, and since if her sister dies, she gains her strength, she's made sure to make it look like she's the only carrier of these eyes.

Personality; Enthusiastic or mad would be the first words that would describe her. Despite all that she's been through, she's loud, vivacious, pleasant, a little odd, a little creepy, but never with a bad intent. However, she has really no qualms in killing those that deeply annoy her or have angered her, though this anger is barely shown. She comes off as childish or immature, and in a way, she really is... but aren't all people always hiding another self within them?

Not that it affects her. She moves with the waves of change, and isn't afraid of doing different things. She learns quickly, though she's also pretty clumsy at times and botches up things she knows she could do right simply because she's bored.

She wishes for normalcy, and goes out of her way to gain it-- to the point that she drives normal people into doing things they wouldn't normally do. And she loves evey bit of it.

With that said, Shiori loves beautiful people. She has made friends, and to this day, there's one thing that stands out-- she loves women. Not necessarily sexually, but being restricted all her life and always on the move, has put her into a bit of a complex about herself. She loves big-chested women, and boys who look like little girls. When she can, she wants to have a harem full of them, though it doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon for her.

She's also a big fangirl, and an otaku to a degree, and always loves to create dramatic scenarios for herself to enjoy.
She's been trained (and failed miserably) in self-defense and fighting, but she can handle a gun pretty well. She prefers to draw attention to herself when she can and do as much as she can to make sure she's entertaining. Despite the fact that she's had a pretty rough background, she figures she ought to live for the moment. And that, is all that she wishes to do... and go down laughing.


Shiori was born in an alternate world, a cyberpunk/steampunk dystopia of sorts that mirrors the normal world. Which obviously means she comes from a place which has the same sort of places as the normal world does. However, the world she comes from puts a strong emphasis on families and clans and tribes. Her own, the Yamamura-gumi has links into the 'real world' and passage between them is not abnormal. They're the 'special' people who come into our regular lives, and fit in as we are.

Currently, Shiori is a part of the Orochi-kai, or as she calls them, Serpent Daggers (she thinks that name is cooler) who are a band of yakuza-like assassins that have funded the Yamamura-gumi from the sidelines and they've offered their services in return. Due to the Orochi-kai deciding to use "The Eyes" for malicious purposes, the Yamamura-gumi split from them and all the families went into hiding, but Shiori's treacherous grandfather, a spy elder for the Orochi-kai, tricked the family into revealing their whereabouts, and launched an attack on them.

Once "The Eyes" have married and vowed themselves to other men, they can only use their dreamseeing skills, but lose their powers otherwise, to be passed on to a possible daughter. If they have no daughters, then the line of power dies. The sons however, often inherit a bit of these skills in their world, but never the complete powers a female does.

For that very reason, Shiori wants to be the very first who, if she ever bothers having kids, will have a male dreamseer, for reasons that are possibly too ridiculous to even mention, though they have to do with her interest in the 'forbidden manga' she knows she's not supposed to read.

Physical description;

Height; 5'6
Weight; Not telling!
Hair; Black
Eyes; Gray [ After gaining "The Eyes", they have become a bright blue-green ]
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